RISER FOODS COMPANY is a Community~Retail Pharmacy in PITTSBURGH.

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U.S. National Health Care Provider Registry Information

RISER FOODS COMPANY is a health care provider at the following address:

VERMILION, OH, 440891907 Country Code: US

Business Office Telephone: 4409671220
Business Office Facsimile:

RISER FOODS COMPANY lists this personal address in the National Registry:

PITTSBURGH, PA, 152382809 Country Code US

Business Office Telephone: 4129681550
Business Office Facsimile: 4129681727

RISER FOODS COMPANY is a health provider. Its NPI (NPPES) number is: 1891944757. It was first listed in the National Registry on 09/16/2008 and last updated the registration record on 05/20/2009
Medical Specialties for RISER FOODS COMPANY :

Community~Retail Pharmacy

RISER FOODS COMPANY Medical Practice Location
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Licenses / State Identification Number held by RISER FOODS COMPANY :

021897050 OH

Other ID numbers (insurances accepted) for RISER FOODS COMPANY :
ID: 2866064
State: OH

ID: P00419119
State: OH
Issuer: RRB

ID: 1262260053
State: OH

ID: RIFV93981
State: OH

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